Cooperation in the strength of operations

Shenzhen iPaky electronic technology Co.,LTD is a specialized company engaged in the development and operation of electronic science and technology.The business philosophy is scientific thinking,utility, professional and efficiency,standardized management.and with the aim of creating brilliant achievements ,

integrating resources , pioneering and innovative.

Manufacturing process

Our company strictly implement the ISO : 9001 quality management system and ISO : 1400 environmental management system . 

From the purchase of the materials to manufacturing , the inspection and test , packaging, logistics and transport,every aspect is meticulous excellence.

We strictly implement the quality policy of scientific management , precision manufacturing, excellent service , the pursuit of excellence. 

Integrity , Quality, Technology

Corporate honesty , the first element of trust companies to be honest . Integrity is the root of the trees , no root , the trees there would be no life . Every successful enterprise must establish a good quality, let others trust fighting to the sea in good faith .

Quality  The premise of confidence

Nowadays, the age of using electronic information, requiring suppliers to provide stable and  high-quality products .Shenzhen iPaky  Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.,with strict quality control and testing procedures that can meet each consumer satisfaction.

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