Daily Maintenance And Repair

1.Do not place the product in the water ,the fire,high temperature(>45℃)or low temperature(<-20℃). Do not give children to play,especially

don’t let them touch the accessory.

2.Do not disassemble or modify the products to avoid damage to the product of the protection unit, causing the battery heat, fire, or explosion.

3.Do not throw,hit or rub the product.this will cause product sunken,punch,cracking,deformity,corrosion or other abnormal phenomena.If so,please stop using it immediately.

4.Please use dry and soft cloth to clean the surface,do not use chemicals, soap or detergent to clean.

Warranty Period

Power bank and charger 12 month,cable and connector 6 month.


The Scope of Warranty

1.Only for products sold by iPaky company

2.The open-case product should be complete with package and accessories.

3.Following circumstances are not included in the free reparing scope:

*The product is out of the warranty period.

*Do not have the three guarantees certificate or effective invoice.

*The damage caused by natural disasters

*Non-specified by the company service or service repair, unauthorized demolition or man-made damage

*The content of three guarantees are not conformity with the identify physical commodities or altered.

*Not because of any quality of the products,such as compatibility issues,or not satisfied with color, appearance ,shape or other subjective reason.

*The damage due to improper treatment or long time leave unused,including but not limited to the damage that not comply with product caution.

*Not the products quality problem but the artificial damage,such as product shell damage,wear,rupture,fracture,transformation,etc.

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